Unique Wedding Venues in Birmingham , UK.

Its spring time again, the season of renewal, rebirth and committing. All perfect ingredients to encourage you to take on the isles.

Birmingham, UK offers a wide variety of wedding venues that could make your special day, that more special. Finding the best venue that could accommodate you and your guest is important. However, if you want to do something from the normal white wedding here is a list of some surprisingly interesting wedding venues in Birmingham.

Ice House in Digbeth: - the best feature is the grand union anal from which the wedding party could ride into the venue through. Also the planted courtyards and cobbled entrances could offer some exciting wedding photo backdrops.

Top Rated tourist attractions in Birmingham, UK

So you are visiting at Birmingham? Not sure of the things to do during your visit? There is just so much to do when visiting at Birmingham. Here is a list of some of the places to make sure you visit before leaving this beautiful city:

Cadbury world

Have loads of chocolatey fun with your family. Here, you will get to learn how your much loved confectionery is prepared and discover the story behind Cadbury chocolate. Get to add your desired treats to a pot of warm and delicious Cadbury dairy milk and also play in chocolate rain! There is so much to do at Cadbury world and you get to enjoy 4D cinema experience on Cadbury’s adventurous journey.

Lincoln Hills and Springdale GC

Interested in finding your husband a gift? You haven’t found one that will make him happy. Well, thanks to us we are ging to give you a gift that he will never forget and he will be grateful to you. Lincoln Hills and Springdale GC is the best place to be!

Take ypour husband to the golf events. They are usually extraordinary fun.and for those who are willing to play but don’t know how to. They provide the golf courses which becomes very easy to learn . it also allows children and teen to play for free giving you a chance to bond with your son as well as your daughter. This happens on every Sunday ( the family day). It has teetimes which is usually at 4p.m

They have also provided special packages, you will be damned if you don’t try them out.

Slaney Street

We like to write about things that are going on in Birmingham, we try to give a bit of analysis as well. We hope that if people better understand what is going on they will be proud habitants of Birmingham.

Slaney Street is simply a collective of writers and activists based loosely in Birmingham. We don’t seek to only publish our own thoughts we want the blog to be hub for the community to share its ideas & educate each other through. The blog is edited by a large group of people we try to give an information for your city.

Slaney Street was a street in Birmingham which was the home of the  Union society, a radical pre-chartist organisation destroyed by  police/repression in 1820 after its growing popular support started to  seriously alarm the government. However the members went on to become  the origins of the chartist movement which would win the vote for  working men, gain rights for Workers and lay the foundations for the  welfare state. We think It’s a good street to walk up.

The council’s budget plan aims to make £600 million worth of cuts by 2016/7, with cuts of £110.9 million coming in the next year alone (2013/14). This is following on from huge and incredibly painful cuts already delivered – since 2010 there have been cuts of £275 million and a reduction in the number of staff by 27%.These cuts are disproportionate to the rest of the country many rich Councils are getting off lightly. It is the poorest who are being made to pay the most – the average reduction in Government funding for councils as a whole is £74 per person. However, Birmingham’s reduction has been more than double the national average, at £149 per person. [1] The stories of these cuts taking place in Birmingham are going largely untold and widely misunderstood. The local political scene is dominated by right wing blogs & papers like the Birmingham mail, post and the Chamberlain files