Lincoln Hills and Springdale GC

Interested in finding your husband a gift? You haven’t found one that will make him happy. Well, thanks to us we are ging to give you a gift that he will never forget and he will be grateful to you. Lincoln Hills and Springdale GC is the best place to be!

Take ypour husband to the golf events. They are usually extraordinary fun.and for those who are willing to play but don’t know how to. They provide the golf courses which becomes very easy to learn . it also allows children and teen to play for free giving you a chance to bond with your son as well as your daughter. This happens on every Sunday ( the family day). It has teetimes which is usually at 4p.m

They have also provided special packages, you will be damned if you don’t try them out. It has a membership trial. This way you will able to check out the Lincoln Hills and Springdale GC and what it has to offer. You will be provided all the compliments and services and definitely participate in their golf events. All you got todo is pay about 25 dollars in this month. Good offer, right?

It does not stop there, it also has unlimited golf pass depending on days so you could enjoy the game even more. This includes residence nad non residence.

It not only caters for families but also couples. There is usually a nine and dine couple night which happens on Friday night evening. It also has a tee time which begins at 5: 30 p.m. it is followed a barbeque then prizes. The participants must be pass holder members. To be in this couple night need to 2 days or more prior.

It is just those place thet should be in your bucket list. You got to be in this place. Trust me. They take fun to another new level!